2 Oct 2017

Egg steamer & frying pan

(WID)Egg steamer & frying pan

Product specifications and features
•Dimensions: 155mm x 300mm
•Weight: 531g
•Colour: blue or yellow
•Voltage: 220V
•Steam rack capacity: 4 – 6 eggs
Package includes
•1 x frying pan
•1 x lid
•1 x steam rack
•1 x measurement cup
•1 x user manual
Caring for frying pans
•Avoid cooking on high heat as extreme temperature can cause the pan coating to crack, thus reducing cooking performance.
•Do not use metal utensils or cut comestibles in the frying pan as it may scratch the surface. Use heat-proof plastic or wooden utensils instead.

•When cleaning, use a soft instead of abrasive sponge. If there’s residue in the pan, soak it in soapy lukewarm water before scrubbing it away gently.

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